Serving Wise County for nearly 50 years.

Proudly serving La Salle County (Cotulla) since 2012 and Reagan County (Big Lake) since 2016.

Our founder, Chris Lowery Sr., decided one day that he had had enough of having to drive from Paradise, TX to Ft. Worth, TX to find quality construction materials.

So in 1968, he opened Lowery’s Wholesale in Paradise, Texas and quickly became the choice in steel, culverts, fencing, gates, posts, and any other construction material you can think of.

Since then, the business has stayed in the family – and with two new locations in Big Lake, TX and Cotulla, TX, we are happy to serve your construction or oilfield needs, no matter where you are. Get in touch with us using the call now button, or the contact form, and we’d be happy to serve you and your project’s needs today.

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